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Cub Scout Pack 51
(Pickerington, Ohio)
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Cub Scout Six Essentials

Cub Scouts are required to bring these items to all hikes and outdoor activities.

1.  First-aid kit, including adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment and other items
2.  Trail Food
3.  Filled water bottle
4.  Whistle
5.  Sun protection (Hat and/or Sun screen)
6.  Flashlight

Leave No Trace Principles

 Leave No Trace Principles for Kids  


1. Know Before You Go.



Find out about the place you’re going to camp ahead of time. Are there rules you need to know about? Are any activities against the rules? Is water available? Do you need to bring anything special?



2. Choose the Right Path.  



Always walk on trails, even if that means getting your boots muddy. Don’t take shortcuts. Set up tents in marked camping areas.



3. Trash Your Trash. 



Use bathroom facilities when available. Follow campground rules for handling dishwater. Pack out all your trash unless the campground has trash pickup.



4. Leave What You Find. 



Leave any natural treasures where you find them so other campers can enjoy them, too. If you want a souvenir of your campout, take a picture. A good saying to remember is “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.”



5. Be Careful With Fire. 



Cook on a camp stove or grill whenever possible. It’s easier and less messy than cooking over an open fire. Only build fires in designated fire rings. Always have someone keep an eye on your fire until it is dead out.



6. Respect Wildlife. 



Travel quietly and give animals enough space that you don’t disturb them. Getting too close to an animal can potentially hurt the animal and you. Take pictures from a safe distance. You’re visiting the animal’s home, so be considerate.



7. Be Kind to Other Visitors. 



Be respectful of other visitors by keeping noise down and not entering other groups’ campsites without permission. Be polite to other people you meet. Give them the respect you expect from them.



The Outdoor Code

The Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to—

Be clean in my outdoor manners,
Be careful with fire, 
Be considerate in the outdoors, and 
Be conservation-minded.

Being clean in your outdoor manners, careful with fire, and

considerate means you can enjoy the outdoors in ways that do no

harm to the environment. Being conservation-minded encourages

the protection and thoughtful use of natural resources and doing

your part to improve the condition of the land and the


As a Cub Scout, you will learn to use the Leave No Trace

Principles for Kids to help you take care of an area where you

hike or camp.