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Duty to God

The Boy Scouts of America has always held steadfastly to the principle, embodied in the Scout Oath, that a Scout has a duty to God. The BSA does not promote any specific religion, and has always embraced all faiths. We do encourage youth members and their families to be active in their own faith, in keeping with the BSA’s Declaration of Religious Principle.It naturally follows that the leadership for your son’s spiritual development, both within and outside Cub Scouting, must come primarily from your home and your family’s religious leaders.Your son will look to you as his example of how to learn and perform his duty to God.

The adventures related to duty to God in each rank of the Cub Scouting program provide support, and each boy has the opportunity to earn the religious emblem of his faith. The emblem is created and presented by your son’s religious group. Most of the world’s religions have an emblem of their faith. However,alternative requirements are available for boys whose faith institutions do not have an emblem or whose families are not affiliated with an organized religious group.In addition, the staff at your BSA local council service center should be able to help. Many local councils and districts offer organized opportunities for Scouts to earn their religious emblems while meeting and sharing fellowship with other Scouts of their faith.

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